Defence portfolio - Bernard Pearson Photography
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Mid-caption: Staff cadets from the Royal Military College of Australia, Duntroon, have taken up residence in the southern Queensland towns of Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove as part of a four-week (4–31 March 2011) training exercise. The exercise tests and reinforces the skills the staff cadets will require leading soldiers on ‘stability’ operations such as those encountered by the Australian Defence Force in Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands.

The 103 staff cadets are in the final phase of their 18-month training course at Duntroon, Canberra, and will graduate in June 2011 as part of the Royal Military College’s centenary celebrations. Four foreign students (from Brunei, Iraq, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea and) are part of the class.

The Royal Military College prepares cadets for careers in the Army by promoting leadership and integrity, high ideals and the pursuit of excellence, and by inculcating a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation.

Photograph by Corporal Bernard Pearson

1st Joint Public Affairs Unit